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During this pandemic crisis, Dean Health Plan’s BadgerCare Plus members may now receive no-cost virtual care for a variety of common conditions. It’s known as e-visit. From your phone or other electronic device, a local provider assesses your situation and if necessary, provides a prescription. Just answer a brief online survey to see whether an e-visit is appropriate for your ailment.

Prior authorizations extended for BadgerCare Plus members

BadgerCare Plus members with an approved service authorization will receive a 90-day extension. This applies to authorizations that end between March 12 and June 30. However, this extension does not apply to pharmacy, diabetic supplies, inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility services. The extension is only for those who do not reach their visit or quantity limits before the prior authorization’s end date.

Service area map

Finding a provider is quick and easy.

Go to

Under Dean Health Plan Product Type, select BadgerCare Plus/Medicaid.

Search by specialty, name, location, gender and/or language.

map of service area

small white box  BadgerCare Plus members may visit providers in any part of the Dean Health Plan service area.
small grey box  BadgerCare Plus members must reside in one of the nine core BadgerCare Plus-designated counties (Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Rock, and Sauk) within the Dean Health Plan service area.

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