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Dean Health Plan is focused on a holistic approach to your well-being, meeting you where you are and providing benefits and support to help maintain balance in your life. That’s why we work so hard at prevention and enhancing your overall wellness with a strong care network – featuring the providers of SSM Health. When you choose Dean, you benefit from having your clinical team of physicians, specialists and pharmacies and your health plan working together, working for you. It’s a different kind of health care model where providers and coverage coordinate to better care for you. 

New for 2023

Access Plan:  To provide members access to physicians and facilities throughout Wisconsin and outside of Wisconsin, we’ve partnered with First Health to bring you a nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network option as your Access Plan option.  If you are enrolled in the Access Plan and want to continue that coverage, you must enroll with the Access Plan by Dean during open enrollment.

SMP:  Dean Health Plan will also be the administrator for the State Maintenance Plan (SMP) - a health plan that offers Uniform Benefits.  SMP is designed to provide a health plan option for members who live or work in areas without adequate access to in-network providers or hospitals.  If you are enrolled in the SMP and want to continue that coverage, you must enroll with SMP by Dean during open enrollment.

SMP is available in the following counties:

  • State employees
    • Florence
  • Wisconsin public employees
    • Florence
    • Marquette
    • Waupaca
    • Waushara

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We know wellness is important to you—and it’s important to us at Dean. Find ways you and your family can stay healthy or improve your well-being.

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Dean Health Plan believes that with the right tools, information and motivation, you can achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle on your own terms. That's what Living Healthy is all about.

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