Dean level-funded small group plans

Providing exceptional coverage at a reasonable cost

Maximize benefits and minimize costs

Level-funded plans from Dean Health Plan are a unique solution that empowers you to manage your healthcare costs effectively, all while ensuring comprehensive coverage for your employees. This hybrid insurance model, for groups with 5 - 50 employees, combines the predictability of monthly payments with the flexibility of self-funding. One of the standout features of level funding is that half of any unused money in the claim fund is returned to the employer at the end of the year.* Offering potential cost savings that other plans can't match. 

These plans are ideal for small groups seeking to balance cost control and comprehensive coverage. Level funding offers cost containment and customization opportunities by leveraging your company's claims data and utilization patterns. Additionally, level-funded plans provide access to an integrated delivery network comparable to small group fully insured plans, ensuring that employees receive quality care while the organization maintains cost efficiency. 

Experience the best of fully and self-funded plans in one comprehensive package with level-funded group health plans.

Plan books + option 

Premium networks at your disposal

Our ASO network spans 20 counties in southcentral Wisconsin and includes care providers from SSM Health Dean Medical Group clinics, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Madison, SSM Health St. Clare Hospital, and SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Janesville, along with many other high-quality hospitals, providers, and specialists.

Reliable care with our Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

We distinguish ourselves within the industry and Wisconsin with our coordinated Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), where physicians, hospitals, a benefits administrator, and a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) all work together. This setup lets us prioritize cost containment, coordinated care, and superior service for your employees. 

Benefits of our Integrated Delivery Network: 

  • Use data and insights across care delivery, health plan, and PBM to drive member savings 
  • Promote employee health with timely and appropriate care from the right provider 
  • Reduce duplication and enhance the patient experience 

Stop-loss insurance: protection for your health and your business

Stop-loss insurance provides a safety net, ensuring severe health claims won't jeopardize your plan's financial stability. Imagine this: if one or two members face a catastrophic illness, the high costs could strain even a small organization's health plan. We offer stop-loss coverage to shield against such losses, a crucial element in tailoring a self-funded strategy to your risk tolerance. Knowing that your plan's financial stability is protected provides a sense of security and safety. We also collaborate with other stop-loss carriers to fulfill your needs and guarantee comprehensive protection for your business. 

As your trusted partner, we offer competitive rates and our stop-loss product. 

Enhance your plan benefits

Discover the essential services and tools to optimize your health benefits program:

Connect with our dedicated team at the Welcome Center. Our customer care professionals and registered nurses simplify initiating a new plan.

Ensure that the cost of managing diabetes isn't a barrier to care. Access $0 preferred diabetic supplies such as lancets, syringes, and pen needles through our drug list.

Ease the financial burden of monthly diabetic medication for your employees. Refer to our drug list for the latest available insulins. All ACA-compliant small group members, including High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), will not pay more than $35 monthly for preferred insulin.

Empower your employees and their families with a personalized health journey through the WebMD Living Healthy portal. Access thousands of resources, including monthly interactive challenges, wellness and exercise videos, mental health podcasts, and nutritional information.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Living Healthy rewards from our small group plans. Earn points to redeem for up to $150 in gift cards annually. Eligible members, including covered adult children (ages 18 and older), can earn up to $100 annually.

Experience the transformative impact of our workplace wellness programs. Boost productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall well-being with tailored initiatives. Invest in your employees' health and witness positive impacts on your bottom line and workplace fulfillment.

Getting a level-funded quote for your business is simple. Contact one of our sales reps today, and they will help you get the most accurate and competitive quote.

*Upon renewal, 50% of any unused claims funds are returned to the employer at the end of the year.