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Plan options

We have a variety of health insurance plans to fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re looking for lower premiums, limited out-of-pocket expenses, or just a catastrophic safety net plan, we’re here for you.

These plans are ideal if you don’t like surprise bills. They feature:

  • Low copays for office visits and many prescription drugs
  • Affordable deductible and coinsurance options
  • An easy way to build a relationship with your provider

Consider these plans if you’re looking for an innovative way to receive care. They offer a lower office visit copay when you select a Tier 1 primary care provider. Explore these plans.

If you keep yourself healthy with regular visits to your PCP, these plans might be ideal for you. They offer:

  • Lower premiums
  • Affordable primary care and generic drug copays to cover your health concerns and maintenance
  • Affordable deductible and coinsurance options
  • An easy way to maintain or build your relationship with your provider
  • Lower monthly premium savings

You may want this type of plan if you’re a saver and prefer to cover your medical bills with an HSA. You can also combine a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with an HSA for even more financial freedom and flexibility.

These plans may work well for you if you’re:

  • Under 30 years of age
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Are comfortable with your health status

Our Safety Net Plan offers a high deductible and three office visits at no cost to you. Remember that government price breaks are not available with the Safety Net Plan.

Make shopping easy and get all the important services you need. Our standard plans are offered at every network type, metal tier, and in every service area where we offer coverage.

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Our plans not only offer 10 essential health benefits, but also include $0 preventive services and additional benefits to put your health and wellness first.

Metal tiers

All individual and family plans are divided into metal categories. These categories show how you share costs with your plan. No matter which category your plan falls in, the quality of care does not change.

Network options

We offer network options based on your location, selected level of coverage, and care needs. You can easily find an excellent provider in our network. Contact us or your agent if you need help selecting the network that’s right for you.


If you’d like to learn more about how our individual and family health plans work, check out our health plan 101.

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