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Learn about Dean Health Plan, our group product offerings and what sets us apart from other carriers.

Network options

Regardless of your company’s size, the number of employees you have or where they’re located, we have insurance options to fit you and your budget. Dean Health Plan offers the flexibility to build an insurance plan that suits the needs of your business.

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Dean Health Plan's Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan offers flexibility, efficiency and technology you need for your self-funded insurance plan.

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Female doctor talking with male patientCopay Elite plans provide excellent health care coverage from local, trusted providers at a lower cost to you. Employees who choose Tier 1 providers have office visit copays lower than traditional office copays.

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The Focus plan features providers in Dane, Green, Rock and Sauk counties. It also contains unique specialists, such as chiropractors and pediatric vision hardware providers.

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Dean's HMO plan focuses on coordinated care from trusted providers in 20 counties. Our network also includes hundreds of specialists who can serve more complex needs.

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Our POS plan offers the benefits of the HMO plan, such as lower costs at network providers, with options for your employees to see out-of-network providers if necessary.

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The PPO plan gives companies with employees living outside the Dean service area access to a larger footprint of providers in their communities.

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Workplace wellness program

The goals of our Workplace Wellness program is to enhance overall employee health and create a culture within your organization that promotes vitality, optimizes productivity and contributes to improving employees' satisfaction with the workplace.

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If your employees have chronic conditions or complex health needs, we have free resources to help them.

Our Care Management services — which include case, utilization and disease management — can help guide your employees to the most appropriate and cost-effective method of care for their medical needs. This not only helps to keep your employees healthy, but also contains costs, resulting in more affordable health coverage for you and your employees.

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Case management

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When Dan fell from his roof, Marge, a Dean Health Plan case manager, was there to catch him. If your employees have chronic conditions or complex health needs, we have free resources to help them.

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