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Plans that work for you. And your business.

More network choices, a wide selection of employee benefits, and lower costs. You’ll want all this and more in your next health plan — and that’s exactly what we offer small groups of 2 to 50 employees like yours:

  • Multiple care networks for individual needs
  • Coverage and benefits at the best possible value
  • Quicker access to affordable care — both virtual and in-person

Integrated care delivery through our SSM Health partnership makes all the difference. Your plan works hand-in-hand with providers to get employees back to work faster. At a reasonable cost. With benefits they can use to stay healthy and productive.

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Extra benefits for them. Added value for you.

Your group can customize their health plans with a variety of wellness resources. Bonus benefits like these make changing plans simple:

The Welcome Center is available to all fully-funded small group and large group members, but does exclude ASO, employee trust fund (ETF) and Federal employees. Customer care professionals and registered nurses will take the guesswork out of starting a new plan. They'll help with finding providers, transferring medical records, scheduling appointments, setting up MyChart accounts, and more. Reach the Welcome Center at 1-608-250-1134 (TTY: 711).

Our health transformation consultants will help your employees create wellness plans that are personalized to their wellness goals. They'll share the eight dimensions of wellness, review strengths, identify barriers, share resources, and provide referrals for better health. Set up a screening by calling us at 1-866-896-4602 (TTY: 711) or by emailing us at

A barrier to controlling diabetes should not be medication and medical supply costs. Our drug list offers $0 preferred diabetic supplies like lancets, syringes, and pen needles. This benefit is available for both ACA-compliant small group (2-50 employees) plans and large group (51+ employees) plans.

Your employees deserve lower costs for monthly diabetic medication. Find the latest list of available insulins in our drug list. This benefit is available for ACA-compliant small group plans. All ACA-compliant small group members, including High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), will not pay more than $35 a month for preferred insulin.

Experience the transformative power of our workplace wellness programs. Boost your company's productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall well-being through our tailored initiatives. By empowering your workforce with wellness tools, personalized coaching, and engaging activities, we promote a culture of health that drives motivation and teamwork. Invest in your employees' health and you'll not only see a positive impact on your bottom line but also create a thriving and fulfilling workplace for everyone.

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Your employees and their families can build a custom health experience to support their own unique wellness goals and journey. WebMD offers thousands of resources — monthly interactive challenges, wellness and exercise videos, mental health podcasts, and nutritional info.

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Our small group plans offer Living Healthy rewards to help employees along their path to better health. We're always adding new ways to earn points to redeem for up to $150 each year in gift cards. Members age 18 and older are eligible for Living Healthy rewards — covered adult children (ages 18 and older) can earn up to $100 per year. Check with your plan administrator for reward offerings specific to your plan.

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Professional support and personal nutrition guidance make building healthy habits easy. Your employees can access WebMD resources, challenges, webinars, a monthly Made from Scratch newsletter, and request to meet with a registered dietitian.
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Nutritional counseling services by a registered dietitian are a covered service when patient self-management is an important component of the treatment for a disease and there is a knowledge deficit about a disease that requires the intervention of a trained health professional.

For quoting and plan option questions for your business of 2 to 50 employees, contact sales: 

Jennifer Barritt
Sales Relationship Manager — Small Group Business