PPO providers

We've partnered with First Health to give you access to providers and facilities within and outside of Wisconsin.

Before seeking medical care with First Health providers, we suggest confirming your provider's network status at FirstHealth.com. Find out how to search for a FirstHealth provider.

If you have questions, contact Member Services at 1-800-279-1301.

When scheduling appointments or elective procedures, be sure to contact us to verify the status of the providers involved in your care. Provider examples include an anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist, facility, clinic or laboratory. We'll determine your provider's network status so you can see how it affects your share of costs.

This information may help you select provider(s) and will likely affect the level of co-payment, deductible and amount of co-insurance applicable to the care you receive.

The information contained in this directory may change during your plan year. Call us at 1-800-279-1301 to learn more about providers in your network and the financial impacts of seeing out-of-network providers.