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A health plan for every moment

Nothing in life is more important than your health and the health of your loved ones. There are many moments in your life—some are big and some are small. Dean is a health plan for all of these moments.

From grocery delivery to nutrion plans and fitness product discounts to mental and physical wellness, Dean is focused on your overall health. You have a life to enjoy. Protect your health and your family's health. Choose Dean Health Plan.

We have many features that make us more than health insurance.

The Dean Difference

To us, our members are like family. See why Dean is so much more than just health insurance. We're here for every moment.

Your member benefits


Access WebMD resources, a monthly newsletter and request to meet with a dietitian.


Getting sick isn't always convenient, but getting care should be. If you're at home, the classroom or anywhere in between, you can access care from an SSM Health provider right from your smartphone, computer or tablet! You have a life to live, so get back to healthy faster.

Living Healthy Powered by WebMD

You go to the dentist, get an annual physical and you might even wear a Fitbit or smart watch. Why not get rewarded for it? For every activity you log throughout the year, you can earn up to $150 in rewards. We want to support you along the path to a healthier lifestyle. We all know being healthy is the goal, but getting there can be challenging. That’s where Living Healthy comes in!

Partner Perks

Whether you work out at a gym or at home, you can get gym membership and fitness product discounts as a Dean Health Plan member. Did you have a long week? Get a well-deserved massage, also at a discount too.

Travel coverage

Going on vacation should be relaxing and re-energizing, but sometimes you get sick or need care. With Dean you have urgent and emergency coverage worldwide. Whether frolicking in France or chilling in California, you're covered.

Out-of-area dependent coverage

If you have family going to college or working out-of-state and still on your plan, they're covered too. Dependents (up to age 26) outside of the Dean Health coverage area can get the care they need. It’s one less thing to worry about for you.