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Employer Group Health Insurance Plans


the ways Dean partners with you to protect
your most valuable assets - your employees.

Group Health Insurance Plan Options

Regardless of the size of your company, the number of employee you have, or where they are located, Dean Health Plan has an insurance plan to meet your needs.

Find out about the Dean Difference and learn more about our health plan benefits for businesses.

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Dean Health Plan Product Suite Overview


Group plan: HMO

Did You Know?

Dean's HMO plan can save you up to 20% on premiums vs. traditional insurance. Plus, we have a 95% member satisfaction rating.

Group Plan: HMO

The Dean Health Plan HMO Plan is more than just medical coverage for you and your employees - it means you can also count on us for:

Coordinating your employee's health care

A member's primary care provider coordinates all aspects of care, including referrals to specialists when necessary. This helps avoid the possibility of duplicate services, incompatible drugs and unnecessary changes that can occur when multiple physicians' services are used.

Streamlined administration

The HMO Plan is virtually paperwork-free - that means no claims for you to file!

Emphasizing prevention

DHP encourages your employees to be proactive about their health care. So preventive care—routine physical exams, mammograms, Well Baby checkups and more—are covered. We also offer many wellness programs to keep your employees and their families as healthy as possible. This dedication to health care can translate to premium savings for your business.

Comprehensive benefits

Our extensive network of providers helps keep costs down so your employees receive the best health care coverage at an affordable price.

Point of Service

Group plan: Point of Service

Did You Know?

Dean's Point of Service (POS) plan is the perfect choice for employers who want to offer their employees the freedom to choose their own doctors.

Group Plan: Point of Service

The Dean Health Plan Point of Service plan allows members to choose their own physician, while providing the comprehensive benefits of managed care:

• High-quality health care.
• Wellness and preventive programs.
• Lower out-of-pocket costs and no
paperwork when using Dean Health
Plan providers.

Your employees are free to see the doctors of their choice, regardless if they are Dean network providers. They are not required to choose a primary care provider, and no referral is needed to see a specialist. However when your employees receive care from a Dean Health Plan network providers, they will enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs. And, staying within our network also means no claims for them to file.

Many services—including routine office visits, preventive care, diagnostic procedures, oral surgery, chiropractic, podiatry and fertility treatments—do not require prior approval.

To take advantage of the higher benefit level, many Point of Service members choose Dean providers for routine care, with the comfort of knowing they will be covered should they ever need to see a specialist outside of our network.


Group plan: PPO

Did You Know?

Dean's PPO plan is the perfect choice for employers who have employees living outside the Dean Health Plan network.

Group Plan: PPO

The Dean Health Plan PPO product is a cost-containment benefit program that uses extensive local, regional and national provider networks made up of hospitals, clinics and physicians throughout the PPO service area.

Dean Health Plan negotiates fixed and maximum fees for services with our PPO network providers. Using health care providers within the PPO network saves money for you and your employees.

Your employees also enjoy the flexibility to choose nonparticipating providers; however coverage benefits are reduced and out-of-pockets expenses are greater.


Group plan: Focus

Did You Know?

This plan is a perfect fit for an employer whose employees only live in Dane, Rock or Sauk counties.

Group Plan: Focus

The Focus plan is available to employer groups of all sizes and offers a unique cost-saving feature.

A comprehensive health care coverage that uses only the Dean Health System (Dean Medical Centers) network providers in Dane, Rock and Sauk County may be the ideal cost-containment strategy for your business.

The network for this plan features St. Clare Hospital, St. Mary's Janesville Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital Madison, Stoughton Hospital along with the necessary specialty providers required to cover the full realm of health care services.

This plan is an HMO design so your employees must choose a primary care provider to obtain coverage.

Consumer Driven

Group plan: Consumer Driven

Did You Know?

Individuals with family HDHP coverage will be able to contribute $6,750 to an HSA in 2016.

Group Plan: Consumer Driven

Dean's Consumer-Driven plans were developed to provide options that encourage your employees to become more involved in health care decision making.

These plans feature deductibles, co-insurance and copays on most services and are offered with an option to include a health care reimbursement account (HRA) to offset your employee's out-of-pocket costs.

The HRA portion of the plan is administered through Employee Benefits Corp. (EBC), whom we have partnered with to provide an integrated product for you and your employees alike.

Administrative Services (ASO)

Dean Health Plan’s ASO Product (Administrative Services Only)

Aso Sales

Dean Health Plan’s ASO product is a self-funding solution that delivers high-quality care at an affordable price. When you partner with Dean Health Plan, you gain access to the coordinated DeanASO Network, which includes wide access to providers, specialists, clinics and hospitals.

Our proprietary network in south central Wisconsin is built around system partners—Dean Clinic, St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Clare Hospital and St. Mary’s Regional Clinics and St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital.

Experience cost savings through our ASO product. DeanASO network contracts, partnered with our medical management services, help lower medical costs and outperform other networks.

Why Employers Choose Dean...

  • We offer the ability to manage your employees' benefits online, quickly and easily.
  • We provide a quarterly newsletter to help you get the most out of your health care investment.
  • We help you reduce premiums by developing and implementing a wellness program for your employees.

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