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We are excited to introduce level-funded plans exclusively in the Prevea360 network. With enhanced stop-loss funding mechanisms we make self-insured plans feasible for smaller employer groups.

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Prevea Health is known for providing a high caliber of care. With a strong network, members can rely on a wide variety of providers from which to choose. Prevea Health has partnered with six Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) hospitals across Wisconsin to provide patients with a system of highly-coordinated care, close to home. Dean Health Plan is the largest managed care organization in Wisconsin and has revolutionized their model of providers in partnership with insurance. Through a strategic arrangement with Prevea Health and Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), Dean Health Plan manages an integrated managed care network serving northeastern and northwestern Wisconsin. Self-funded products are administered by Dean Health Plan and utilize the Prevea360 network. 

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A level-funded health plan is a self-insured plan with a fully insured feel. With enhanced stop-loss funding mechanisms we make self-insured plans feasible for smaller employer groups. Unlike traditional self-insured plans, you pay the same amount each month. Then, if your claims experiences is better than expected, you will have the opportunity to receive a refund of 50% of the expected claims funding surplus. Simply put: Stay healthy, save money.

It's easier than ever to keep your employees healthy too. With Prevea Health and Dean Health Plan's population health strategy, our integrated delivery network and our wellness offerings—your employees will have more opportunities to get healthy and stay healthy.

Take advantage of the Prevea network and have access to top of the line care, empathetic health care professionals, and the ease of access to make the stress of healthcare fade away.

To learn more about level-funded health plans and get a quote, contact our sales team.

Level-funded means level-headed thinking

Level-funded plans are just one of the ways Dean Health Plan is making health insurance smarter. Discover all the ways Dean Health Plan is smarter.