Medica Q&A 

With SSM Health’s 2021 agreement with Medica – an independent, non-profit health plan headquartered in Minnetonka, MN., Dean Health Plan and Medica became partners. As two mission-driven health plans with complementary values, histories and experience, both organizations share a vision of bringing innovative high-quality health care solutions to providers and members.

As our partnership with Medica evolves, check this page for updates. See the provider communications page for links to Medica-related communications and future education opportunities, as information becomes available.

At this time, there are no plans to change organization names. To reflect our relationship with Medica, we are transitioning to an updated Dean Health Plan logo this year. The logo includes a “by Medica” endorser and heart icon while continuing to feature Dean Health Plan prominently. For a time, old and new versions of the logo will coexist as we transition to the updated logo in provider and member materials throughout the year.

We do not foresee changes in business locations. And both health plans remain committed to serving their communities through close partnerships with local health care providers.

For Dean Health Plan, this is the 35-plus years commitment to our local presence in southern Wisconsin and the more than 5,000 providers in our network, including SSM Health-Wisconsin providers and hospitals.

The health plan’s partnership with Medica does not stipulate changes to existing contracts at this time. We encourage providers to reach out to Medica through their usual channels with any questions about their Medica contracts.

Dean Health Plan and Medica are actively evaluating opportunities to align best practices and share technology. As such, both health plans are pursuing a new, shared claims processing platform to be implemented next year. Other changes, such as policy methodologies and business processes, may affect how you interact with us in the future.

We will communicate Information about changes related to our partnership with Medica through monthly policy notices, quarterly newsletters and other communications when needed. You'll find all of these on our Dean Health Plan Communications page. Be sure you have "opted-in" through your portal account to receive emails. And visit our web pages regularly to view these communications

If you have questions, contact your Provider Network Consultant. To find your assigned consultant, go to and scroll to the bottom of the web page. Keep in mind that information will be communicated throughout the year, so details regarding your specific inquiry may not yet be available.

The Medica Employee Benefit Plan product became effective Jan. 1, 2023, for Dean Health Plan employees in Wisconsin, now Medica employees.

The Medica Employee Benefit Plan is administered by Medica Central Health Plan, leverages the Dean Health Plan ASO provider network and integrates many of the same processes and provider resources as those for the SSM Health Employee Health Plan and Dean Health Plan Commercial products. (This new product is strictly for Dean Health Plan/Medica employees. SSM Health employees continue to be covered under the SSM Health Employee Health Plan administered by Medica Central Health Plan.) See the Dean Health Plan Provider Manual for more information on this product.