Social media

A key lead generation tool you need in your toolbox

Aug 31, 2022

Today internet users spend 33% of their time on social media sites. These sites connect people on many levels that go beyond socialization. People are no longer using the platforms to only share photos of their families or catch up with old friends. They are using it as a tool to learn more about things that interest them and make educated decisions about purchases they make. According to Sprout Social, 55% of consumers learn about brands on social media, and 42% increased their usage to learn more about products and services over the past year. If you are not using social media to promote your business, you are missing out on potential growth. Continue reading to learn how to use social media to generate more leads for your company. 

1. Be where your people are

There are so many social media platforms. How do you choose the one that’s best for you? Easy, you need to be where your clients and potential clients are. One way to know which platform they are using is to look at the demographics of each one. Find the one that aligns best with your targeted clients and start there. Insider Intelligence has many good articles and reports to help you look into the demographics of each site. According to Social Media Today and Sharpsring, in 2019, US B2B Marketers found that Facebook and Linkedin were the top two platforms to use for lead generation. While 2.45 billion people are on Facebook, according to Linkedin, 89% of B2B Marketers use their site for lead generation, generating two times as many leads as other channels.

2. Post compelling content

Your social media content is vital to increasing your brand awareness and a great way to generate leads. Compelling content will help position you as an industry leader and a go-to source of information for your clients and prospects. Use your social media content to educate prospective clients about you and your business, include your contact information in your posts or drive them to a form to collect additional information. You can also include content like tutorials, reviews, blog posts and other information that will help educate them about the industry. Focus on questions or concerns they may have. For example, those turning 65 may have questions about Medicare, so share a post with information about how to sign up and other key items they need to know. This will position you as a trusted voice in the industry and establish a connection between you and your audience.

3. Utilize targeted ads

Ads are a great way to generate leads on social media. Targeted ads are ads that have been tailored to the specific characteristics, interests and preferences of a consumer group. Geo-targeting allows your ad to be viewed by those in a specific location or area. When creating your ads, ensure they match your client’s interests and needs. Include a clear “Call to Action” or CTA, for example, “click for a quote” or “learn more about our plan options.” Once the CTA is initiated, the client or prospect can be directed to your website or a form asking them for contact information. Entering them directly into your sales funnel. 

Social media has a vast user base, 3.78 billion, as of 2021, making it a crucial piece of your marketing strategy. It opens up a world of possibilities for creating brand awareness and generating leads for your business. As a means of growing your client base, it is definitely not a tool you want to pass up.

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