Connect with your audience by using a strong communication strategy

Four tips to help jump-start your communication for 2023

Jan 23, 2023

An essential part of our day-to-day life is how we communicate with others. Whether written, verbal, or another means, how we express ourselves says a lot about us. The same can be said for your business.

The way you communicate with your clients and prospective clients can have a significant impact on your growth. Creating a solid communication strategy will help you to gain more insight into your audience and better tailor your message to meet their needs.

Use these four tips to help jump-start your communication for 2023


1. Keep your message simple.

Health insurance is a complicated topic that can easily confuse and overwhelm people. Using language that is easy for your audience to understand will help you better communicate with them. Make your clients feel at ease with you by offering precise and simple explanations in straightforward terms.

Keeping conversations concise and relevant to your client’s needs will allow you to engage better with them. Your message should use a natural, conversational tone to help them better relate to your message. Avoid abbreviations, which your audience may not be familiar with.

2. Personalize your message

52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized, according to Salesforce. They are looking for a personalized experience when interacting with your business. When communicating with your clients and potential clients, remember to introduce yourself and address them by name.

Many marketing automation tools will allow you to customize your message to your audience and the specific prospect you are trying to reach. Using positive language like “I can.” and “I understand” will help you connect with clients by showing them that you are proactive and empathetic. These simple words will instill confidence in you as an agent.

3. Choose the correct media based on your audience

Modes of communication have drastically changed over the years. The days of fax machines and cold calling have fizzled out. Today digital methods have become the primary form of communication for many demographics. According to LinkedIn, Millennials and Gen Xers prefer to communicate via text messages and social media, while those aged 55+ prefer face-to-face interactions 60% of the time.

Knowing where your audience is will allow your messages to be received by the most amount of people possible. If you are looking to host a seminar focused on Medicare, it may be a good idea to host an in-person event, while an event centered around college grads may be better suited as a Zoom meeting.

4. Have a solid customer support system

The team you have in place to help support you and your clients can elevate your communication strategy to the next level. Customer service teams can add value to your strategy by being the first line of communication between you and your clients. Well-trained employees can efficiently answer customer questions, maintain billing and be a valuable resource for your business.

They can help you be more engaged with your clients and help you to build stronger relationships as well. With a strong communication strategy in the new year, you can better engage with your audience and help meet their needs. In return, this will help demonstrate your commitment to them and allow you to be seen as a leader in health insurance.

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