3 low-cost digital tactics to market your business

Grow your business without breaking the bank

Jun 06, 2022

Marketing in today's world does not have to be expensive or complicated to be effective. You're halfway there if you have a phone and an internet connection. Leverage low-cost marketing tactics to get your business recognized in the market and start bringing in leads. Here are three low-cost marketing tactics you can use right now.

Be social about tips, and tricks

Albert Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." That's where your expertise is on full display. Social media is the perfect format for leveraging your knowledge and educating prospective clients.

Create a social media content calendar of all of the information your clients need to understand about health insurance – from what a deductible means to how an out-of-pocket maximum is met – and boil it down into bite-sized chunks of insight. This information will help people better understand and give you unending content to post. Then, link a call to action—meaning the action you want prospects to take like filling out a form or requesting a quote—to the post or mention the call to action is a video in your social media posts like filling out a contact form or how to get to the quote page.

Host a podcast

Some insurance concepts need a more in-depth explanation. That's where podcasts come in. According to Edison Research, 16 million people listened to a podcast monthly in 2021, and that's a 65% increase in just three years. According to Nielsen Podcast Insights, the top three genres of podcast people listen to are comedy, education, and news. So your value lies in educating listeners about the world of health insurance. That could be basic terms and concepts, group insurance or the best individual coverage tips.

Reach out to your network and find other industry experts to speak about a health insurance topic each month. While you are the health insurance expert, podcasts engage more in an interview format. You can also interview current clients and allow them to tell their stories of how you helped them navigate the health insurance buying process.

People who listen to podcasts are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. Having followers means you can post short videos, sound bites or teaser ads of your podcast on social media and encourage followers to listen, subscribe and share. All you need as a beginner podcaster is a laptop or smartphone, a microphone, headphones and a quiet room. Learn about the best gear for beginner podcasters.

Build a review strategy

You provide excellent service daily, and everyone needs to know about it. But do you have a review strategy? In a report by ReviewTrackers, consumers are reading reviews 50% more now than before the pandemic, and this trend isn't going away. It would help if you asked clients for a review after finding the health plan that you've helped them select.

Based on BrightLocal's annual Local Consumer Review Survey, seventy percent of consumers who are asked by a local business to write a review will leave one. That means seven out of ten clients will leave a review, and depending on the size of your client base, you can gain many reviews in a short time. Start by sending an email campaign to your most valuable clients asking for a review. Then develop a process to send an email after each new client signs a contract. All it takes is a little courage and a well-developed strategy.

Your business will grow in leaps and bounds by leveraging these low-cost marketing tactics now! All you need is a well-crafted content plan, active social media accounts and a few client reviews.

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