2024 Medicare and IFB sales materials

What to know for Medicare and IFB OEP

Sep 29, 2023

2024 Medicare materials

Dean Health Plan sales materials and forms for Medicare are available now.

2024 IFB materials

Sales materials for Dean Health Plan and Prevea360 Health Plan Individual and Family (IFB) products will be available on Oct. 1.

  • 2024 Product Brochures: Details may include sales area, network, prescription drug programs, high-level benefits, and value adds.
  • Compare Brochures: Details include sales area, network, and plan benefits such as office and prescription drug copays, deductibles, and more. Each product has its own brochure and is available in a digital or printed format.

Applications and forms

Off-Marketplace applications for Dean Health Plan and member change forms will be available to download on Nov. 1 when the Open Enrollment Period begins.

Find the Dean Health Plan agent resources and Prevea360 Health Plan agent resources you need to provide great service to your clients.

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