Gone for Good

Man with a prescription bottle emptying medication in his hand

 What's Gone for Good?

Gone for Good is a medication disposal awareness and educational program. It’s focus is finding opportunities to reduce our environmental impact while partnering with the community to promote safe drug disposal.

Why is safe medication disposal so important?

Environmental Goals & Impact:

  • Unused medications have polluted waterways for over three decades. This initiative reduces the environmental impact of drugs that are flushed down a toilet or thrown in the garbage.

Safety Goals & Impact:

  • We share proper disposal information and locations so unused medication doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Education Goals & Impact:

  • What's is an opioid or controlled substance? This program provides community education on medication and related safety concerns.

How can you help?

Review what’s in your medicine cabinet and decide what to keep. Use the links below to find your nearest secure medication drop-off for anything expired or unsafe. Please use the links below to find the nearest secure medication drop location for you.

Find a medication disposal location near you:

Please call 866-896-4602 for more information.