Workplace wellness toolkit

Building an inclusive & healthy culture

There are many factors that impact a healthy workplace culture. From co-worker and manager relationships, to physical spaces and policies, Dean Health Plan is here to help.

Our workplace wellness toolkit offers a variety of programs and resources, along with the support of our Health Promotion team, to help your organization create an inclusive and healthy culture. Use this free toolkit to guide you through every step of the way or to implement something a la carte, whether you’re getting started, building momentum, or sustaining, improving and growing.

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coworkers playing games

A preview of things you’ll find in the toolkit:

Wellness & Mental Health

  • Wellness resource assessment: A review of all the wellness programs currently available to you as an employer and those available for your insured and non-insured employees; including strategic planning and wellness committee assistance if desired.
  • Building a psychologically safe workplace: Take time to understand what a psychologically safe workspace means, how it can help your organization thrive, and tangible actions you can begin to implement to see effective results.
  • Simple wellness activities: This activity listing will give you new and fun ideas of simple and effective things to implement.

Team Building Activities

  • Trivia: Materials prepared with topics and answers ready for you to facilitate.
  • Escape room: Test your team’s ability to work together, communicate and have fun in this real-life game. “Locked” in a room, your team will have to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape in the allotted time (25 minutes). Select the beginner or advanced version and contact us for a time to facilitate, or we’re happy to mail the kit with the facilitation guide. 
  • Other ideas: Scavenger hunt, employee cookbook, talent show, themed virtual backgrounds, social hours, nature walks, movie night, potlucks, adopt a highway, or volunteer as a team.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

  • Traditions trivia: A jeopardy-like game highlighting celebrations across different cultures: Indian, Jewish, American, Kwanzaa, and Yule to name a few.
  • Educational articles: Share our pre-written articles on various observances.
  • Sample diversity, equity and inclusion charter: Use our template as a foundation to create your own.
  • Q&A sample questions: Employee interview or panels on different populations (Ex. citizenship, LGBTQ+, indigenous people).

Policies and survey examples

Sample policies available for a tobacco-free workplace, volunteering on work time, or provided time for mental and physical health. We also have a number of surveys available for program evaluation.