Mental Health as One

This service is an employer offering for insured and non-insured groups. The program supports your entire employee population and their families regardless of insurance or FTE status. Fees apply. Please reach out to for more information and pricing.

Mental health is mental wellness

Mental Health As One is a program that offers an individualized, hands-on approach for you and your employees at every stage of their wellness journey.

Our health transformation consultants (HTCs) provide individualized support through life changes and stressful situations. We encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle by identifying wellness goals and barriers, providing a layer of accountability, and offering connections to needed resources. As with any medical condition, early detection and intervention is essential. 

HTCs provide proactive support in an effort to avoid crises. In the event that counseling services are needed, participants have timely access to a team of licensed mental health professionals who provide solution-focused, short-term virtual appointments.

If higher-level specialty care is needed (e.g. psychiatric services, medication management and/or long-term counseling), our team works with healthcare delivery partners to make the necessary connections, while providing support throughout the process. These higher-level clinical services will be billed through insurance, according to the employee’s plan.

Mental health continuum

Just like physical health, we all have mental health. It influences the way we think, feel, and relate to others. We are always somewhere on the Mental Health Continuum and that can change from day to day, so the level of support our team provides changes based on individual needs. 



Visit Dean Health Plan's Wellness and Mental Health pages for webinars, educational resources, upcoming events, and opportunities for social connection. Visit Workplace Wellness for the full listing of programs to support you and your employees.