Dean Administrative Services Only (ASO) group plans for your business

Take control of your employer group health plan

Customized for you and optimized for success

Our unique self-funded Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans offer a distinct advantage over traditional group health plans. They combine your control and value with flexibility and precision. As a large business owner or decision-maker, you can customize health benefits to fit your workforce's needs. From deductibles and coverage options to networks, pharmacy choices, and wellness programs.

Gain access to:

  • Robust data and analytics
  • Insights into healthcare utilization
  • Total control of all health care benefits offered
  • Opportunities for cost containment

Equipped with data-driven intelligence, you can make personalized and informed decisions to optimize healthcare benefits and enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.

Connecting you with top-tier networks

Known for high quality care, our network includes SSM Health Dean Medical Group clinics, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Madison, SSM Health St. Clare Hospital, and SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Janesville, along with many other high-quality hospitals, providers, and specialists.

We align your needs with the most suitable network. If your business operates outside our service area, we provide an array of PPO networks – both regionally and nationwide. This flexibility allows us to optimize cost savings and access to be sure you get the best possible healthcare for your employees.

Foster efficient health and wellness with our Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

We distinguish ourselves within the industry and Wisconsin with our coordinated Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), where physicians, hospitals, a benefits administrator, and a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) all work together. This setup prioritizes cost containment, coordinated care, and superior service for your employees.

Benefits of our Integrated Delivery Network:

  • Use data and insights across care delivery, health plan, and PBM to drive member savings
  • Promote employee health with timely and appropriate care from the right provider
  • Reduce duplication and enhance the patient experience

Stop-loss insurance protects your bottom line

Stop-loss insurance provides a safety net, ensuring severe health claims won't jeopardize your plan's financial stability. Imagine this: if one or two members face a catastrophic illness, the high costs could strain a large organization's health plan. We offer stop-loss coverage to shield against such losses, a crucial element in tailoring a self-funded strategy to your risk tolerance. This provides security and safety, knowing that your plan's financial stability is protected. 

As your trusted partner, we offer competitive rates and our own stop-loss product. We also collaborate with other stop-loss carriers to fulfill your needs and guarantee comprehensive protection for your business. 

Enhance your benefits program with premium services

You’ll be equipped with the essential tools, services, and expertise to enhance your health benefits program. Tailored to your business needs, our comprehensive services include: 

  • Stop-loss coverage 
  • PBM integration and management 
  • Medical claims administration 
  • Web-based self-service 
  • Network management 
  • Out-of-network negotiations 
  • Utilization management 
  • Disease management 
  • Advanced Medical Analytics 
  • Claims run-in/out processing 
  • Yearly independent SSAE16 audit 
  • Employer wellness programs 

Our goal is to support your cost-containment efforts. While investing in good health is imperative, it shouldn't strain your finances. Our approach combines network selection, in-house medical management, PBM through Navitus, and claims-based controls to offer the most affordable options tailored to your requirements. 

Getting an ASO quote for your business is simple and straightforward. Contact one of our sales reps today, and they will help you get the most accurate and competitive quote.