Prescription drug cost savings

Prescription drugs are an important part of your overall health. These programs help you save on your drug costs.

$6 for 6-month medication supply

Our $6 for a 6-month supply program helps members with conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, mood disorders, and bone health. You can get a six-month supply of certain generic medications for $6 when they use Costco (retail — membership not needed) and SSM retail pharmacies. The six-month supply benefit is only available for large group, AON, federal employee members, small group, and individual + family plan members and Level Funded Groups, and Medica Employee Health Plan Members. ETF group health members are excluded.

Need help? Get in touch with our pharmacy concierge.

Get six months of these medications for $6:

  • Alendronate-70mg tab
  • Anastrozole-1mg tab
  • Atenolol-25, 50 & 100mg tab
  • Carvedilol-3.125, 6.25, 12.5 & 25 mg tab
  • Fluoxetine-10, 20 & 40mg cap
  • Folic Acid-1mg tab
  • Furosemide-20 & 40 mg tab
  • Glimepiride-1, 2 & 4 mg tab
  • Glipizide-5 &10 mg tab
  • Glipizide ER-2.5, 5 & 10 mg tab
  • Glyburide-1.25, 2.5 & 5mg tab
  • Hydrochlort-12.5mg cap
  • Hydroxyz HCL-10, 25, & 50 mg tab
  • Lisinop/HCTZ-10-12 tab
  • Lisinop/HCTZ-20-12 tab
  • Lisinop/HCTZ-20-25M tab
  • Metoprol TAR-25, 50,75 & 100 mg tab
  • Omeprazole-20 & 40 mg cap
  • Pioglitazone-15, 30 & 45 mg tab
  • Triamt/HCTZ-37.5-25 tab
  • Triamt/HCTZ-75-50 tab

 Tablet splitting

Tablet splitting can provide significant savings for you. Through this program, you pay only half—or less—of your usual copayment on certain prescription drugs.

For more information, talk with your health care provider or call Member Services.

Save money by splitting tablets of these medications:

  • febuxostat
  • Januvia
  • nebivolol
  • Ocaliva
  • rasagiline
  • Trintellix

 Mail order refills

Using a mail order pharmacy, your orders are shipped to you free of charge.

Our members can get prescriptions filled for 90 days* through Costco.

Two ways to order through Costco:

  • Traditional mail order: Order all prescriptions by mail or phone. You must include the patient profile form and submit it to the Costco Mail Order Pharmacy. You can pay with personal check or electronic funds transfer.
  • Online ordering: Order all prescriptions online at Each person in your household who receives their medication through online ordering must have their own account and unique email address.

To avoid order delays:

  • Provide Costco a valid shipping address
  • Include valid payment information
  • Have your provider send complete directions for use. Costco can't dispense orders without valid instructions and "use as directed" won't be accepted.
  • Have your prescription written for the maximum days supplied allowed by your plan (usually 90 days) and include additional refills.

Your order should arrive 14 days after Costco receives it at the processing facility. Allow a few extra days if you're placing your order for the first time. Standard shipping is free; expedited shipping is available for an extra cost.

For more details, see the Costco Mail Order Brochure.

*Mail order service is not available to all Dean Health Plan members. Refer to your Member Benefit Summary or call Member Services for more information.