Common questions about breast pumps 

For commercial members

We partner with SSM Health at Home to provide members with either an electric or manual breast pump. SSM Health at Home determines the brand and model of pumps to provide. SSM Health at Home may change the brand and/or model of breast pumps they provide at any time.

We cover one breast pump (manual or electric) at 100% cost per delivery for all members.

Commercial members may receive an electric or manual breast pump up to four weeks before the estimated delivery date.

You can request an insurance-covered breast pump by having your doctor submit an order through Epic medical record system to SSM Health at Home or by faxing the Health Plan’s breast pump order form to SSM Health at Home at 1-866-553-0824.

After SSM Health at Home confirms insurance information, they will contact you by phone within 24 to 48 hours to confirm how you will receive the breast pump.

If you have additional questions, please call Member Services at 1-800-279-1301.

We don't cover breast pump or feeding accessories that are not included with the electric or manual pump starter kit.

Examples of non-covered accessories include:

  • Extra tubing, breast shields, valves and membranes.
  • Breast milk storage bags/bottles.
  • Feeding bottles, nipples.
  • Extra power adapters for electric pump (car, extra battery pack).

We only cover the electric and manual breast pumps that are provided through the partnered durable medical equipment (DME) supplier (SSM Health at Home).

We don't reimburse members for breast pumps that are purchased (or received as a gift) outside of our breast pump coverage policy. We don't provide stipends for breast pump upgrades or for pumps that are not covered under the current policy.

Visits with a lactation counselor in clinics, hospitals, and through telephone support provided by Health Plan OB case managers are covered. We don't cover lactation support services received from private lactation counselors or organizations.

If you have additional breast pump questions or concerns, call SSM Health at Home directly at 800-924-2273.
For more information about pregnancy resources, visit You can also call our Strong Beginnings program at 608-830-5908 or Member Services at 800-279-1301