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Online Member Guide

If you are new to Dean or have been a member for years, we want to make it easy for you to find helpful information so that you can take full advantage of the services available to you. Here are the important areas of the site we recommend that you become familiar with.

Choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Set Up an Initial Appointment

Creating a strong, trusting relationship with your PCP is an important part of Dean’s preventive care philosophy. Check out Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Provider, it’s also important to understand where to go for the Right Care.

Find a Location or Clinic or Hospital Find a Provider or Doctor or Specialist

Transfer Your Medical Records

Once you've scheduled an appointment with your new doctor, have your medical records sent from your previous clinic by filling out an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form.

Authorization to Release PHI form

Sign Up for MyChart

MyChart offers you anytime access to your personal medical information and health record. Communicate privately with your physician or review past medical appointments all from your computer or mobile device.

Sign Up for MyChart

Register on DeanConnect

DeanConnect gives you access to your insurance claims, cost estimates and documentation anytime. It’s easy to sign up—once you receive your ID card in the mail, just visit follow the simple steps to activate your account.

Register online for DeanConnect

Review Your Health Care Benefits

Learn more about your insurance benefits, including limitations and exclusions by reviewing your member documentation.

Individual Member Certificate Individual Summary of Benefits

Group Member Certificate Group Summary of Benefits

State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members, see here.

Find Health and Wellness Programs

Learn about the Living Healthy wellness program available to you and your family by visiting our online health and wellness page. Create an account in the Online Well-Being Assessment & Rewards Center once you receive your ID card and member number to access health tools and trackers and get rewards.

Living Healthy

This program is not available for State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members in the 2017 plan year

Understand Your Prescription Coverage

You prescription coverage is based around a Drug Formulary, or list of drugs, used by Dean Health Plan to help you differentiate what is and isn’t covered. The Formulary breaks the list into tiers, indicating different levels of cost sharing.

Learn about Drug Coverage Pharmacy Benefits

Let Us Know if You Have Health Concerns

Sometimes navigating your way through the health care system can be challenging. If you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition or have a complex health care need, we encourage you to take advantage of our services to ensure your needs are met and all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Care Management Services

Learn About Bill Pay Options

If you need your monthly premium bill or pay medical fees to the clinic, visit the bill pay page which details all available forms of payment.

Check out Available Payment Options

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