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about the Dean difference.

Dean Media Contacts 

Dean Clinic

For news stories involving Dean Clinic providers, events, and health-related topics, please contact:

Kim Sveum
Office phone: (608) 294-6080
Mobile: (608) 212-5906
Fax number: (608) 250-1089


Melissa Wollering
Office phone: (608) 250-1504
Mobile: (608) 212-4721
Fax number: (608) 250-1089

Dean Health Plan

For news stories or media inquiries related to Dean Health Plan insurance policies or claims, please contact:

Mary Carr Lee
Office phone: (608) 824-6953
Fax number: (608) 827-4152


Dean Foundation

For news stories or media inquiries involving Dean Foundation programs or events, please contact:

Karla Heikkinen
Office phone: (608) 827-2321
Fax number: (608) 827-2399

Have a Flu-related Question?

Look in our Flu Updates section for the latest information from Dean!