Understanding the integrated delivery network (IDN)

closeup of a female doctors hands writing at a desk

Dean Health Plan addresses the challenge of creating a long-term, sustainable health care solution by transforming the health care model.

We collaborate with primary care physicians, specialists and pharmacies across our network to provide the best personalized care possible. With our integrated approach and focus on the doctor-patient relationship, we bring an innovative model of care and coverage to Wisconsin.

What is an IDN or Coordinated Care Network?

An IDN is a formal system of providers and sites that provide both health care and health insurance to patients. Dean Health Plan provides insurance coverage and SSM Health provides health care services; both inpatient hospital and outpatient medical groups. We all work together to provide the best possible care and service to our patient and member population.

How does this benefit the member?

Integration allows us to align goals, priorities, operations, and economic incentives across the system. With this increase in communication and goal alignment, we are able to deliver high-quality, coordinated care to patients within our network.

integrated delivery network infographic