How to use reviews to your advantage

Lead generation tips

Jul 01, 2022

We continue our series of lead generation tips talking about reviews. Reviews, like referrals, rely on others to share their experiences about working with you and your agency. Online reviews impact 90% of consumers’ buying decisions. Consumer reviews often present greater credibility, create a reputable brand name online and naturally receive more clicks. 

How do you increase your reviews?

Step one: Ask

Similar to referrals, ask clients for a review right away. Seventy percent of consumers who are asked by a local business to write a review will leave one. Make as frictionless as possible to submit a review when you send out your request. Create an email campaign that sends after you have closed a sale with a client and include an ask for a review. Including a link for a review in your email signature is another way to ask without being too aggressive.

Create a Google Business Profile

Generating Google reviews will also improve your overall search rankings. Sixty-three percent of consumers use Google to find reviews about local businesses. You can create a free Google Business Profile to help you control how your business appears in Google searches and track your reviews.

Ask all of your clients for feedback

Everyone’s experience is different and essential to the growth of your business. By asking all of your clients for their opinions, you begin to build a bank of reviews that showcase your consistency in delivering great customer service as well as being able to provide solutions for clients that have varying situations. To gather as many reviews as you can, create a process that starts with sending an email after each new client signs a contract with you. Thank them for choosing you and ask for a review.

Don’t be afraid to receive a negative review

You will always have people who are not completely satisfied. How you react to the negative review is crucial. Respond quickly and professionally to the reviewer. Thank them for their comments and try to address any particular issues they have offline. Remember to remain calm and try to put a positive spill on the review as best as possible. Keep in mind that a negative review is another chance to win over your customer. Once you are able to understand their problem and work to find a solution, remember to follow up with them after the problem is solved, and if possible, ask them to leave a review once they are satisfied.

Asking for reviews can feel a bit awkward at first, but they can work wonders for you and your business. With a well-developed review strategy, you’ll be able to solicit thoughtful, genuine reviews, use them on your website, social media, or other print materials, and grow more new leads.

Stay tuned for more tips in our lead generation series.

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