Dean Health Plan partners with Papa to help members

Members receive assistance with activities of daily living

Oct 08, 2021

Dean Health Plan Medicare Advantage offers a unique benefit to members. Members receive up to 10 hours every month with a “Papa Pal” (a part-time or full-time worker hired by Papa) who is there in person or virtually to help with errands, transportation, cleaning, technology lessons and more.

Papa, founded in 2017 because of one family’s experience supporting an aging grandfather they called Papa, “supports families through the aging journey,” Alicia Jacques, Senior Customer Service Manager at Papa said.

While home health agencies can assist with some support in the home, they may provide more or different help than the member needs and can be expensive. Papa fills the need between not having care and having too much care. “Physicians realize there is a huge gap that they can’t write a prescription for,” said Jackie Jacobson, Director-Products at the Health Plan, who oversees the Papa program.

The program provides Medicare members with support for activities of daily living, which can lead to strong personal connection. “[Pal] Julianne is really easy to talk with and it’s like I knew her forever,” said Health Plan member Marianne Crow, who is 93 and living at home. Without services like Papa “I’d have to be in a nursing home,” she said.

Crow’s Pal, Julianne Patten, said she has helped with a range of services—from organizing and checking for safety in the home, to going shopping to putting in a new garden, “which brought tears to the member’s eyes.”

One particularly memorable situation for Patten was recently assisting a couple going through a very difficult time. The husband was terminally ill and the wife had broken both of her wrists. “The couple was overwhelmed with gratefulness for a smile and some help. They called me their angel,” Patten said.

Health Plan member Sharon Bernhard, age 85, feels the same way. “It was a lonely time,” she said of the lockdown phase of the pandemic. Having her Pal, Dawn Boldon, made a huge difference for her. “[Dawn] turned out to be a friend. Not just a helper, but a friend,” Bernhard said.

Your Health Plan, in partnership with Papa, is there to support members with activities of daily living and help protect their well-being. “It’s a wonderful service,” said Bernhard, who’s also appreciative of her Dean coverage. “I’ve had a lot of issues and Dean has stood by them all.”

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Dean Health Plan, Inc. is a HMO/HMO-POS with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Dean Health Plan, Inc. depends on contract renewal. Dean Health Plan markets under the names Dean Advantage and Prevea360 Medicare Advantage.


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