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When should you pitch self-funding and to whom?

Mar 22, 2021

Help your client take control of their medical benefit plan through Dean ASO (Administrative Services Only), powered by Dean Health Plan. With Dean ASO plan options, employers receive the same access to preferred pricing through partner providers in our proprietary networks (Dean and Prevea360), clinical integration and best-in-class service that they've come to expect from Dean Health Plan.
So why is self-funding different? The primary differences between self-funding and fully-funded plans have to do with risk. In a fully-funded health plan, the insurance company assumes the risk of medical claims, but in a self-funded plan, the employer does. Stop loss insurance minimizes these risks for the employer, making this especially attractive for larger healthy populations in stable companies.
Who should be buying ASO? The best candidates for a Dean ASO plan can be identified by the following: 

  1. Company size of 50+ employees: while there are self-funded options for any size employer, typically businesses that have 50+ employees are best suited for ASO. The ability to employ a larger workforce usually signals the business is financially stable and can handle a change in the health plan spend. Have a business with less than 50 employees? Check out our level-funded health plan options.

  2. Companies that are financially healthy and in a stable market: a business with a track record of success and that is comfortable taking some risk would be a perfect fit for self-funding. The financial health of a company is important, as an unexpected increase in medical claims for one year could cause trouble for a less financially secure company.

  3. Employers looking for a partner: Dean Health Plan provides flexible stop-loss options, unique cost containment strategies and ongoing collaboration with PBM, health plan and care delivery to optimize clinical programs available to employees.

If you have a client who is struggling with rising health care costs, and wants a quality custom health plan from a local carrier, quote them our ASO product today.
Our dedicated sales team would love to walk you through all that we can offer! View ASO plans or call: 877-234-4516.

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