ASO plans are tailor-made and cost-effective

Looking for a self-funded plan that is local, flexible, and puts your client's needs first?

Apr 19, 2021

The ASO product from Dean Health Plan is what you've been looking for. We've put our spin on our ASO that not only stands apart from national competitors but is tailor-made for Wisconsin businesses. We currently offer ASO in both Dean Health Plan & Prevea360 markets.

When you get a quote from us, you'll be working with representatives that operate in your market. When your clients call with questions, they'll work with a team of representatives who live right here in Wisconsin.

We're only a phone call away but close enough to talk in person. We don't view our partners as strangers behind a computer screen, and you shouldn't view us that way either. We value the local and personal relationships we form with agents and employers.

We know that each business in Wisconsin is unique. So we've created a flexible ASO product to cater to employers' individual needs around the state. With our ASO product, we can help you design a plan that only uses benefits that the employer and their employees will utilize.

This flexible customization saves the business money, and that frees up cash to spend elsewhere. We know that a health plan's cost is the primary concern of most employers when deciding on options for their employees' medical coverage.

ASO offers flexibility and can save your clients money. Reach out to your sales representative to learn more, or get information on our ASO page.

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