5 Prospect Questions

5 key questions to ask potential clients that separate serious buyers from tire kickers

Sep 02, 2020

As an insurance agent, the biggest challenges you face are converting leads and closing sales. An important step in both is the interview process.

While an interview process may seem tedious and not important, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like job interviews, client interviews start with the questions, but how a client answers in the question is where you find the information that will help you close the deal.

A good conversation can reveal what a client really needs, and it builds trust between you and your potential client. If you don’t know where to start, here are five questions to kick off a great client interview.

1. Why are you meeting with me today?

This question is broad enough to break the ice and get the conversation started, but also direct enough to get valuable information from a potential client. Some clients might be guarded and answer with something as obvious and simple as health insurance needs, while others may truly tell you why they are sitting a zoom call.

Ultimately, the goal of asking this question is to gauge what they are looking for in an insurance agency and agent alike.

2. How does your current insurance agent’s process work?

Understanding how a potential client’s current claim-filing process works can offer valuable insight to their unique needs.

Also, posing this question will tell you if the person you are interviewing has influence in the decision-making process. It is always a great idea to give your perspective and share your expertise, but at the same time, your knowledge is valuable. You are looking to grow your business and knowing if the person you are talking to has influence in making the health insurance decision or is the decision-maker is the end goal.

3. What do you like and dislike about your current insurance agent?

Finding out what your potential client’s likes and dislikes about their current health insurance consultant is a great way to learn about their values. Clients want the most frictionless process possible and knowing what makes the process smooth or rocky can help you show your value and deliver exceptional customer service.

This question is also important, because it requires you to lean in and listen. The client will tell you how they like to communicate, how they like to be treated, what is important to them and if they buy insurance for a business – what is important to their employees.

4. Have you met with any other insurance agents?

It’s not unusual for potential clients to shop around when looking to invest in the right insurance policy. Having an open conversation and finding out if they are meeting with other agencies as well can determine how cooperative they are. If they are willing to tell you that they’ve had meetings with other agencies, it is highly likely that the information from other questions you’ve asked is also viable information.

Also, learning if a potential client is shopping for other agencies as well can determine how serious they are about making a switch.

5. When will you be choosing an insurance agent?

Yes, it can feel awkward to ask this question. Knowing the answer can help you understand where the client is in their search, and it will help you better prepare your follow-up campaign to win their business.

This question can also help you open a conversation about what other agencies are in the running and how your offerings are superior.

These are just five questions to help break the ice, get to know your potential client, and understand if they are a part of the decision making process. Once you start the interview, like every great interviewer, lean in, listen and ask follow up questions. Listen not for the answers you want to hear, but for what the client is telling you and what they want you to know.

Source: ASI Progressive

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