3 reasons to embrace community-based marketing

Goodwill and good business go hand in hand

Nov 19, 2021

You know that marketing your business is paramount to success, but have you considered community-based marketing? This can be defined in many ways, but for insurance agents, the idea is straightforward. Use the community around you to bolster your brand. Partner with local businesses to get your brand recognized. Hold community-building events; with the holidays coming, it could be a food or toy drive. You can even start a blog or podcast that showcases area businesses that are your current clients.

Community-based marketing is a great strategy for your business. Here are three reasons why you should invest in community-based marketing now.

1. Your marketing campaign will be amplified 
When you start engaging the community around you, people take notice and they want to share in the experience. If you decide to have a food, toy or diaper drive and partner with local businesses, your brand is attached to a local staple brand. When you strategically select a partner, you’re attaching your name to a community pillar. Also, if you use your social channels wisely, support will be amplified, you’ll gain goodwill and meet perspective clients. Share your events on Facebook and LinkedIn and encourage your staff to do the same. You’ll see your contacts engaging with your brand, sharing posts, and most likely pitching in. The same strategy can be used for local business owners who are featured in a blog or podcast you create. Push the content on all channels you own – social media, your website and your email lists.
2. See the public relations positivity grow 
Investing in your community and its sub-communities has great power, especially for public relations. When you sponsor events, local teams and participate in or host goodwill events, you’re showing that you care about the community. According to a 2021 Intuit survey, fifty-seven percent of consumers state they like shopping local to keep money local. Thirty-eight percent of consumers support local businesses to feel connected with their community.
Take the opportunity to engage with your community and learn about the sub-communities you can work with – business owner groups, non-profit organizations, farmer markets and chambers of commerce are just a few. The more active and seen you are, the greater association your brand will have in a community and with those who make decisions.
3. The lead generation multiples 
In the end, garnering community support is personally and professionally rewarding. When you partner with local organizations, community leaders and businesses, you’re giving them endorsements, and they are doing the same for you. Business owners see your brand connected with great causes. They also like to hear from other community leaders. Starting content channels like blogs and podcasts are great ways to generate leads as well. Email this content to prospect lists, add it to your website and ask people to provide their email addresses to gain access to it.
Business and community leaders talk to each other, especially about important decisions like business and personal insurance. Being a part of those conversations is a great way to affect your community and grow your business.

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