Medicare Advantage 2023 additional benefits

We offer extra benefits that are not covered under Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B)

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Dean Health Plan has partnered with Delta Dental of Wisconsin to provide you dental benefits with no waiting periods, deductibles or coinsurance. Benefits include:

  • Preventive and diagnostic services: $0 copay.
  • Gum disease maintenance and bridge/implant/denture repairs: $45 copay.
  • Fillings, gum disease treatment and extractions: $95 copay.
  • Root canals, bridges, implants, dentures, crowns and surgical gum disease treatments: $595 copay.
  • We cover $1500 of dental services per year.

Search our Delta Dental network

See the Dental Certificate of Coverage for a full list of covered dental procedures.

For the SSM Presence plan, we cover $300 of dental services per year, as well as:

  • Preventive and diagnostic services: $0 copay
  • Comprehensive services: 50% coinsurance
  • + $650 FlexSpend Benefit 

In-home and virtual support

Dean Health Plan has partnered with Papa, a company that connects you with screened and trained Papa Pals. Pals provide assistance with organization, light housework, technology and transportation. This includes:

  • Household tasks: Pals help around the house with light cleaning, laundry, cooking/meal prep and taking care of pets.
  • Technology help: Pals teach members how to use a computer, smart phone and tablet. Papa Pals can also assist with using social media, accessing a telehealth provider and starting a video chat with loved ones.
  • Transportation: Pals assist members with transportation to doctor appointments, grocery/pharmacy shopping and other errands. Pals will pick members up at their homes, take members to the store or appointment, carry shopping bags, take members back home and help carry bags into the home.

We cover 120 hours per year of Papa services. Pals can support you either in your home or virtually. You can call Papa to enroll at 888-840-1609.


Members are eligible for a $50 quarterly benefit to be used towards the purchase of select over-the-counter (OTC) health and wellness products. This benefit is available at the beginning of each quarter (Jan., April, July, Oct.). Unused dollars will not carry forward to the next quarter

Your OTC card can be used to purchase items such as:

  • Acid controller liquids/tablets
  • Adult aspirin & pain relief
  • Allergy, sinus & combo liquids & tablets
  • Cough, cold & flu liquids or tablets
  • Digestive aids (probiotics & prebiotics)
  • Heart health & essential fatty acids (fish oil, flax, GLA, etc.)
  • Laxatives (stool softeners & fiber acid)
  • Ear drops & eye wash
  • Incontinence products
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Oral care products

You can shop:

After you receive your OTC card in the mail, visit or download the OTC Network app to see the list of all participating retailers, a full list of covered items and to check your card balance. See the OTC overview for more details.


We cover 24 one-way rides each year to medical appointments or to the local pharmacy to help keep you well. If you would like a ride to an upcoming appointment, call the Customer Care Center at 877-232-7566.

Meals post-discharge

If you are discharged from the hospital or skilled nursing facility, all of our plans cover 14 meals delivered to your door. If meals are not coordinated through your care manager as part of discharge planning, reach out to the Customer Care Center to access the Mom's Meals benefit.


Members have access to the following at no cost through the One Pass™ program:

  • Fitness center memberships
  • Home fitness kit
  • On-demand fitness videos


We cover one $0 routine vision exam and a $150 eyewear allowance per year at our in-network eyeglass providers.
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Find an in-network eyeglass provider

For the SSM Presence Plan: instead of the $150 eyewear allowance, members can use their $650 FlexSpend benefit to cover their eyewear out of pocket costs.


All of our plans include a $0 routine hearing exam and a $750 hearing aid allowance every year at in-network hearing aid providers. 
Where can I buy hearing aids?
Find an in-network hearing aid provider

For SSM Presence members: in addition to the $750 hearing aid allowance, members can also use their $650 FlexSpend benefit on hearing aids.

Living Healthy rewards

You can earn up to $150 in rewards for completing healthy activities. Here's how it works:

  • Choose the healthy activities you want to complete.
  • Each completed activity is worth reward points (example: 500 points = $50).
  • Earn up to 1,500 points for a maximum of $150 per calendar year (before Dec. 31 of the plan year).

Members must enter all points by Dec. 31 of the plan year to be eligible for rewards. For complete details log in to your Medicare member account and select the Living Healthy icon.

See our Living Healthy overview for more information about the program and how to log into Living Healthy.


FlexSpend is prepaid debit account on your Dean Wallet Card to be used towards additional dental services, vision services, eyewear, hearing services and hearing aids. Your FlexSpend benefit can be spent at any free-standing dental, vision or hearing facility. You are not restricted to in-network providers. This benefit is only available on our SSM Presence plan. Activate your card at

Routine footcare

We cover 10 routine footcare visits every calendar year. This includes treatment of the foot which is generally considered preventive, i.e., cutting or removal of corns, warts, calluses or nails. Members pay their plan's specialist copay for routine footcare services.

Routine chiropractic / acupuncture

We cover 24 routine chiropractic visits every calendar year. We cover 12 acupuncture visits every calendar year. (Dean Complete members have 24 visits).

24-hour nurse line

Experienced registered nurses are always available to answer your questions and concerns. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call if you're unsure if you need to see a doctor, or if you have other health related questions.

Worldwide emergency

We provide coverage for emergency and urgently needed services outside of the United States. Members must pay out-of-pocket for worldwide urgent and emergency care services and then request reimbursement by submitting a Member Paid Claim Form (PDF). Members pay their plan's emergency copay for emergency and urgently needed services outside of the United States. See your plan's Evidence of Coverage for cost-sharing.


With an SSM Health e-visit you can get a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and a prescription if needed for common conditions like upper respiratory infection or allergies, urinary tract infections, tick bites and skin problems from anywhere in Wisconsin at any time. See conditions treated and complete an online health interview. An SSM Health provider will respond within three hours during regular office hours, or the next day if after hours.

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Benefits vary by plan. Please see the last few pages of the Summary of benefits (PDF updated 10/1/2022) for full plan details.