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us as we help raise awareness about mental health.

Wacky Veggie Wraps

Unique Healthy-Tasty Foods To Include In a Lunch Box:

Unique foods included in a lunch box can encourage children to eat a balanced meal that looks fun and tastes good. It will also provide a mix of nutrients that are important for energy during the long school day

Try this healthy recipe that includes ingredients that are familiar when eaten alone and can be fun when paired with other foods.

Unique foods are in Bold Italicized print in the recipe. Examples:
 - Avocado
 - Red Cabbage
 - Black Beans
 - Hummus
 - Garbanzo beans (or Chick Peas)
 - Baby spinach


 Whole wheat wrap 
 3 Tbsp hummus
 1 or 2 leaves romaine lettuce
 4 slices red pepper
 3 slices tomato
 1/4 cup shredded carrot
 Green onion (remove white bulb from the end)


    • Chop vegetables
    • Spread hummus onto wrap, leaving ½ to 1 inch border around the edge.
    • Fill wrap with vegetables.
    • Roll the wrap and cut in half.
    • Secure each roll by tying the green onion around the middle of the wrap.

Helpful tip: If you can’t find whole wheat wraps, you can use whole wheat tortillas instead.

Recipe contributed by Dean Medical Group dietitian Jennifer Smith, RD.

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