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     Dean & St. Mary's and WISC-TV as we help
     kids and families create a recipe for health.

Bullying Resources

Beyond the Playground: Bullying has a lasting impact

Research shows that bullying can leave a mark on a victim’s health for decades after they leave their bullies behind.

Standing Up to Bullies: Raising an Assertive Child

Family Medicine provider Dr. Virginia McKenna explains how teaching children how to be assertive without resorting to aggressive behavior is a key part of teaching them how to stand up to bullies.

Online Offense: What is Cyber Bullying?

Family Medicine provider Dr. Joanna Bisgrove explains cyber bullying.

Online Offense: What to Do When Cyber Bullies Attack

Family Medicine provider Dr. Joanna Bisgrove shares advice on keeping your kids safe from bullies in our 24/7 online world.

9 Ways to Stop Bullies in Their Tracks

National bullying expert Signe Whitson, LSW, has some practical ways for adults to end bullying incidents and empower victims to speak up when bullies attack.

It’s Not “Kids Just Being Kids”

When it comes to bullying, it's not just "kids being kids." Learn how to help, whether your kid is the bully or being bullied.

Bad Blood: Bullying by the Numbers

Stories about bullying are in the news nearly every day, but is it really as prevalent as the news makes it sound?

Power Play: Is My Child a Bully?

Learn to recognize the signs that your child is a bully and the lessons you can teach to raise a buddy, not a bully.

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: How to Know if Your Child Is Being Bullied 

Learn how to recognize the signs that your child is being bullied and how to teach them to stand up to a bully.

We took the Pledge!

A Pledge Against Bullying

Join other kids, adults and leaders in our community by taking the pledge and wearing a wristband that says Be a Buddy Not a Bully.

Order your free wristbands today, for your school, youth group or family.

Stop Bullying

Visit StopBullying.gov for resources on bullying, cyberbullying and how to get help.

Time for Kids & Channel 3

Dean is proud to partner with WISC-TV Channel 3 on this important initiative.

Visit the Time for Kids section on channel3000.com for more resources on keeping kids healthy!

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