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Time for Kids — A Partnership Between Dean Clinic, St. Mary's and WISC-TV3

Dreaming of a healthier you


Summer Safety - Summer activities often come with summer injuries. Falls from bikes or playground equipment can result in concussions and broken bones while severe sunburns and allergic reactions to bug bites can also land you in the doctor's office. This month, focus on staying safe while having fun.

June 26 - July 2

Beware of bug bites.
Nothing puts a damper on fun like itchy, stinging bug bites. Make sure your family uses the right repellant. Doctors recommend repellants with 10-30% DEET concentration sprayed onto your clothing for the best results. Don't forget to check for ticks after you return home from spending time in tall grass or wooded areas.

Check out the full June Healthy Tips calendar and download a copy of the complete 2016 Healthy Tips calendar for your family today!

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Dean Clinic and St. Mary's Hospital are teaming up with our Time for Kids partner WISC-TV3 to focus on a year-long campaign to help families discover their recipe for health. By making small health changes over the year, we can make a lasting impact on our health together.

Through "Time for Kids: Recipe for Health" we will provide families and community members with easy "ingredients" that work together to create a lasting "recipe for health". From getting better sleep to eating healthier and getting more exercise, there are small, achievable changes you can make in your everyday routine to create lifelong healthy habits.

Throughout the year, watch for informative stories, weekly tips and events that’ll help you create your family's ideal recipe for health.

Join Dean Clinic, St. Mary's Hospital and WISC-TV3 as we issue an important call to action encouraging families to make small, healthy lifestyle changes! Together, we can make a difference.

Time for Kids & Channel 3

Dean is proud to partner with WISC-TV Channel 3 on this important initiative.

Visit the Time for Kids section on channel3000.com for more resources on keeping kids healthy!