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Time for Kids — A Partnership Between Dean Clinic and WISC-TV3

Explore Outdoors Time for Kids

Dean Clinic is teaming up with our Time for Kids partner WISC-TV3 to focus on a year-long campaign to get kids outside. Research shows that kids are spending less time outdoors and therefore missing out on some real health benefits.

Through "Time for Kids: Explore the Outdoors" we will provide families and community members with important information on the mental and physical health benefits of time spent outside. We will also share resources for different outdoor activities, and teach kids how they can make a difference in preserving the environment.

Throughout the year watch for informative stories and events that’ll show kids why getting off the couch and into the outdoors is both fun and good for their health.

Join Dean Clinic and WISC-TV3 as we issue an important call to action encouraging kids to get up and get out! Together, we can make a difference.

Time for Kids & Channel 3

Dean is proud to partner with WISC-TV Channel 3 on this important initiative.

Visit the Time for Kids section on for more resources on keeping kids healthy!

Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Dean is happy to have the Aldo Leopold Nature Center as an educational partner on this project.

Check out the Aldo Leopold Nature Center website for different educational and outdoor opportunities.

Outdoor Activity Resources

View a full list of resources. 

Time for Kids in the News

Recent videos and news articles about Time for Kids, as covered by the media.

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