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Stress and Time Management

Stress and Time Management

Time management is a key factor in stress management. Not managing your time well can lead to:

  • Chronically feeling rushed
  • Not finishing the tasks you would like to complete
  • Making hasty decisions
  • Missing deadlines
  • Feeling overwhelmed by daily demands and deadlines
  • Feelings of lowered self-esteem

Major Time Management Steps

Setting Priorities

  1. Compare your current use of time to important goals.
  2. Divide list of goals into three areas:
    • Top drawer - Items ranked most important, most desired.
    • Middle drawer - Items which could be put off for awhile, but which are still important.
    • Bottom drawer - Items which could easily be put off indefinitely with no harm.
  3. Complete top drawer items first; then move down to middle drawer items.
  4. Re-prioritize as needed to meet your needs, but work toward setting top drawer priorities each day that are manageable and realistic. Teach yourself to feel good about succeeding with your priorities. Checking off the items makes many people feel good.

Breaking Priorities Down into Manageable Steps

  1. List the steps that must be completed in order to accomplish the task.
  2. Make sure that each step is manageable - if you find it overwhelming, then that particular step should be broken down into smaller steps.

Making Time

  1. Use a calendar and a daily "to-do" list. Estimate the amount of time that each activity will take.
  2. Learn to say "No."

Examining Current Attitudes and Beliefs

  1. Try to figure out what attitudes and beliefs may contribute to your failure to follow through.
  2. Try to develop strategies to help you follow through better. For instance, if you are chronically late, get in the habit of leaving 15 minutes earlier.

Helpful Books

  • The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook. Davis, M, Eshelman, E., and McKay, M. (2008); 6th Edition. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Oakland, CA
  • The 25 Best Time Management Tools & Techniques: How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy. (2005) Dodd, P. and Sunheim, D.

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