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Calming Exercise - Transcript

In this session you are going to relax the involuntary muscles of your body, using a passive relaxation procedure. Get into as comfortable a position as possible. Begin by thinking about slow, regular, deep, easy breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale any tension or tightness you may be feeling. Continue to breathe in relaxation and exhale tension. Remember that effective relaxing is a letting go process. You can't relax if you try too hard.

Instead, you need to let relaxed feelings be a part of you. If your mind starts to wander, preventing you from relaxing completely, return your attention to slow easy breathing, and concentrate on creating feelings of heaviness and warmth in your body. Allow your body's warmth and relaxation to do its healing work while your mind relaxes. With your eyes closed, continue to concentrate on deep, easy breathing throughout this session.

Now slowly, in your mind, repeat to yourself each of the phrases I say to you. Focus on each phrase as you repeat it to yourself.

I am beginning to feel calm and quiet.
I am beginning to feel quite relaxed.
My right foot feels heavy and relaxed.
My left foot feels heavy and relaxed.
My ankles, knees, and hips feel heavy, relaxed, and comfortable.
My stomach, chest, and back feel heavy and relaxed.
My neck, jaw, and forehead feel completely relaxed.
All of my muscles feel comfortable and smooth.
My right arm feels heavy and relaxed.
My left arm feels heavy and relaxed.
My right hand feels heavy and relaxed.
My left hand feels heavy and relaxed.
Both my hands feel heavy and relaxed.
My breathing is slow and regular.
I feel very quiet.
My whole body is relaxed and comfortable.
My heartbeat is calm and regular.
I can feel warmth going down into my right hand.
It is warm and relaxed.
I can feel warmth flowing down into my left hand.
It is warm and relaxed.
My hands are warm and heavy.
It would be very difficult to raise my hands at this moment.
I feel very heavy.
My breathing is slow and deep.
My breathing is getting deeper and deeper.
I am feeling calm.
My whole body is heavy warm, and relaxed.
My whole body feels very quiet and comfortable.
My mind is still, calm, and cool.
My body is warm and relaxed.
My breathing is deeper and deeper.
I feel secure and still.
I am completely at ease.
I feel an inner peace.
I am breathing more and more deeply.

Now imagine that you are in a relaxed, comfortable, and quiet place. Remember these good, relaxed feelings as you enjoy slow, easy breathing. Continue to relax until you are ready to open your eyes. Then slowly stretch your fingers, toes, arms, and legs, and gradually open your eyes.

From: Jamison, Robert N. (1996) Mastering Chronic Pain: A Professional's Guide to Behavioral Treatment. Professional Resource Press, Sarasota, FL

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