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Stress Management Resource

Our lives can have many different sources of stress, but many of them can be managed through simple exercises at home. Many times we can't change the stress, but we can change our response to it.

This resource offers a collection of exercises and audio recordings to help you reduce stress and find a healthier, happier balance.

Relaxation Breathing

Autogenic Training

Body Scan Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise

Relaxation Articles from Dean Medical Group Providers


Anger Management

Grief Management


Meditation - It's Not
What You Think

Social Support

Time Management

Specific Resources

For Children and Teens

For Older Adults

For the Professional


Sleep Issues

Healthy Behaviors

Alcohol Abuse

Stress and Caffeine

Exercise and Fitness




Three-Minute Relaxation Exercise — Recorded by Philip Bain, MD

Calming Exercise — Recorded by Janice Cain, PhD

Relaxation for the Child — Recorded by Janice Cain, PhD

Relaxing without Tensing — Recorded by Janice Cain, PhD

Helpful Resources

Understanding and Managing Stress

Financial Stress / Losing a Job / Workplace Stress

Sleep Suggestions

Smoking / Alcohol / Caffeine


Nutrition / Exercise & Fitness

Exercise: Rev Up Your Routine to Reduce Stress (from Mayo Clinic)

Exercise Can Help Reduce Stress (from Ace Fitness)

WebMD BMI Plus Calculator — Another website that helps you calculate BMI and calories needed to stay fit. Also, use the BMI calculator at right!

Anger Management


Technology Suggestions

10 Stress-relieving Apps for iPad

20 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress

Brain Wave ($2 on Apple)

Mayo Clinic Insomnia Wellness Solutions App ($ 25 on Apple)

Mindfulness Meditation App ($ 2 for Apple)

Panic Attack Aid App

Pzizz Sleep ($6 on Apple) or Pzizz, the Insomnia Solution, for Android Users ($ 5.69)

Simply Being App ( $1 for Apple, Android and Blackberry)

Universal Breathing-Pranayama-Free (free for Apple) and Pranayama-Free (free for Android users)

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