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Wisconsin "Backyard" Salad

Salad Machine or Sharp Knife, and Large Bowl

1/2 head of cabbage – (coarse shred-cut)
1/4 head of red cabbage – (coarse shred-cut)
1 medium yellow squash -  (medium shred-cut)
1 medium zucchini - (medium shred-cut)
1 medium cucumber – (coarse shred-cut)
1 medium carrot – (fine shred-cut)
1 stalk celery – (fine shred-cut)
1/8 peeled butternut squash – (fine shred-cut)
Cheddar or Colby cheese– optional (fine grate)

Cut all vegetables by hand or using a machine. Mix all ingredients and add dressing such as Marzetti’s Lite Cole Slaw Dressing and mix well.

Recipe contributed by Danete, a nursing coordinator at Dean Clinic - Lake Delton Integrative Medicine.