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Published on October 28, 2013

Trick-or-Treat Safety

Have a spooky good time with these quick tips

Halloween is almost here! Before you head out with your ghosts and goblins this week, check out our list of trick-or-treating safety tips and make the holiday a little less scary:

Travel Smart

  • Plan your trick-or-treat route in advance. Make sure it’s a doable distance for everyone in your group.
  • Stick to streets that you know well, ideally ones with sidewalks. If you’re in an area without sidewalks, stay on the far edge of the road, facing traffic. 
  • Visit only well-lit houses, and don’t let your kids enter homes to get candy. 
  • Carry flashlights and add reflective tape to costumes and wagons. 
  • Are your older kids heading out alone? Make sure they check in at predetermined times via cellphone or in person and that they’re familiar with the route. If you’re still unsure about sending them out alone, compromise by “shadowing” them and their friends from a block away.

Keep Costumes Comfortable (and Safe)

  • Wear sneakers or flats. Double-knot laces to avoid trips and falls. 
  • Replace restrictive masks with Halloween makeup. (Don’t forget to test makeup on a small patch of skin first.)
  • Avoid long costumes (tripping hazard!) and make sure they are flame retardant.

Control the Candy

  • Tell kids in advance that they can’t dig into their candy until you check it at home.
  • Go through your child’s haul at the end of the night and confiscate any treats that are expired, not in an original wrapper or appear to be tampered with. 
  • Toss any homemade treats or labels you don’t recognize. 
  • Set limits for how much candy your kids can enjoy each day.

What are your tricks for keeping kids safe as they search for treats? Share with us below!

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