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Published on October 21, 2013

Three Ways to Make Your Preteen’s Costume Less Scary

Find a costume you’ll both love with these tips

Remember when your little one was thrilled to be a cuddly teddy bear, precious princess or strong superhero for Halloween? If you’re the parent of a preteen, you’re likely wishing for those good old days right about now — when costumes were less risqué and choosing the perfect getup didn’t require a scary fight.

This year, avoid the drama and help your preteen choose a costume you’ll BOTH love: 

  • Prepare to Inspire Them: Chances are your preteen is looking for a unique costume idea that will help them stand out. Be ready with ideas you’ll be comfortable with and they’ll love. Go with what’s hot (yet mom-approved) in pop culture, like brave Katniss from The Hunger Games or funny Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. The classics are popular again thanks to Hollywood, so suggest a creepy zombie, beautiful queen or wicked witch.
  • Go DIY: Once you settle on an idea, save your cash AND get more control of the outcome by helping your preteen create their costume. You’ll find a wealth of outfit inspiration and step-by-step instructions on sites like Pinterest. Then hit the local fabric or vintage store for supplies. Bonus: bonding time!
  • Make It a Group Effort:Use peer pressure to your advantage and encourage your preteen and their friends to come up with a fun group costume. Invite the crew over and help them assemble it. Need some idea starters? How about:
      • The Avengers
      • Hippies
      • Wizard of Oz characters
      • 80s rock band
      • Flappers from The Great Gatsby
      • Harry Potter characters

Do you have age-appropriate costume ideas to share? Post them here!

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