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Published on August 20, 2013

5 Ways to Relieve Back-to-School Worries

Get your child excited for the coming school year

After months of freedom and fun, going back to school can cause a fair amount of anxiety for kids. Whether it’s a new school, different classmates or the everyday jitters that comes with homework, plenty of factors can cause kids to stress.

Turn this negative energy into a positive force with these five activities that will have your child looking forward to the year ahead:

1. Take your child back-to-school shopping: The thrill of fun new clothes will have your kid eager to show off their latest outfit in the hallways. Let your child pick out their own school supplies to showcase their personality and get them excited to put them to use. Read our tips for easy back-to-school shopping before you head out.

2. Go on a short school tour: Help your child find their locker and new classrooms a few days before school starts. When the first day rolls around, they’ll be confident about where they’re headed and won't get lost in the chaos.

3. Celebrate the first day: Cook a delicious breakfast or take the family out for dinner to herald the start of school. Have your child choose the meal or restaurant so they have a special reason to look forward to the first day.

4. Talk up the positives: Field trips, old friends, new classes, sporting events, after-school activities. There’s plenty to get fired up about! Remind your child and the enthusiasm will be contagious.

5. Start a regular schedule early: Institute an earlier curfew and wake-up time a week before school starts so the transition won’t be difficult. It will also ensure your children are well-rested for the first day.

How does your family ease back into the school year? Let us know below!

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