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Published on December 22, 2015

5 Must-Do Activities During Winter Break

It can be easy to run out of activities to keep your kids occupied over winter break. These ideas cover everything from staying active to staying sharp, all while staying close to home. 

  1. Stay Active: Without daily gym class or after-school sports over break, kids can easily become inactive during the holidays (not to mention the excess of cookies, pie and other treats at home). Take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and get some exercise by hiking on one of Madison’s many trails. If this year’s snow continues to remain elusive, consider indoor ice-skating, rock climbing or open gym gymnastics.

  2. Go on a Local Trip: If you didn’t plan a big vacation this winter break but are starting to feel a little cabin feverish, go on a weekend trip to a picturesque small town in Wisconsin. Or stay local with a day trip to New Glarus, known as America’s Little Switzerland, which is especially charming in the wintertime. Go spelunking, or cave exploring, at Cave of the Mounds, which stays 50 degrees year-round and is only about 40 minutes from Madison. Or simply go on a family drive around the city and check out all the holiday lights and yard decorations.

  3. Get Crafty: Turn off the TV, put away the video games and tablets and create something together as a family. Make popcorn strings for the tree or popcorn balls for a tasty treat. Hang DIY bird feeders on the trees in your yard. Turn the toy room into a pretend toy store. Make winter crafts, like snowflakes and penguin puppets. Even if you’re stuck inside, there are plenty of crafts to spark your kids’ creativity.

  4. Indulge a Little: Sometimes it’s the little things that make life most memorable. Treat yourself and the kids to a night at the movies, dinner at the restaurant of their choice or shopping on State Street. Let the kids have one day to stay in their pajamas and watch holiday movies while you enjoy a little relaxation at a local spa.

  5. Stay Sharp: Just because there’s no homework over winter break doesn’t mean your kids can’t exercise their minds in other ways. Go to the library or bookstore and pick out books to read for pleasure. Visit the Children’s Museum, Veteran’s Museum or the Geology Museum. Encourage your kids to write and perform a play at your family get-together. Write thank you notes for gifts together. Even following the instructions on a family recipe is a good way to keep kids’ minds engaged.

What are your favorite family activities for winter break? Share in the comments below!

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