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Published on July 12, 2013

Two Reasons to Protect Your Family's Eyes with Sports Glasses

Regardless of your preferred athletic activities, proper eye protection is essential for you and your kids.

Everyday glasses were never designed to offer impact protection and good performance for most activities that happen outdoors. That’s why you definitely want to consider protective eyewear.

Are we suggesting your kids don bullet-proof NASA-certified welding goggles that they wear unconditionally from dawn to dusk? Well, no. Instead, we strongly recommend a cool pair of sports glasses for you, your kids, and your S.O.

“Kids may roll their eyes and adults may grimace at the thought of wearing protective lenses,” says Kurt J. Schuebel, OD at Davis Duehr Dean. “Not unlike a rock hitting your windshield, it can happen – you just don’t know when or where. And with eyes, you only get the pair you own. There’s no second chance to avoid an injury. So you are better off erring on the side of caution by protecting your family’s eyes.”

Here are two big reasons to make sure your family's upcoming activities and sports schedules include the right eyewear.

1. Eye safety is critical, even in not-so-obvious situations.

Certainly, activities with impact potential like football, baseball, soccer and others require good sports glasses — the last thing you want is an errant elbow, finger, or other piece of equipment on a collision course with your kids' eyes. But what about activities where the danger may not be so obvious?

Take fishing — leisurely, relaxing, low risk. Now consider a flyaway hook or lure (Eeww! It hurts to even think about it!) and it’s obvious how important it is to protect your family's eyes. Likewise, fishing poles and boating equipment can pose serious threats, especially with kids.

What about things like running or even a vacation day at the beach? One word: Wind. An impact with a tiny particle, particularly if it’s traveling at a relatively high velocity, is more than enough to cause corneal damage.

Davis Duehr Dean Ophthalmologist Catherine Lee, MD, points to a 2009 study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology: “Almost half — 44% — of all reported eye injuries happened to people between the ages of 18 and 45. Nearly one in five were 12 years of age or younger. In 77% of the cases, injury victims were not wearing eyewear.”

“According to that same study,” Dr. Lee continues, “most ophthalmologists believed the eye injuries they examined and treated could have been avoided if the patients had worn appropriate protective eyewear.”

See? We’re not kidding. For your safety, and the safety of your family, don’t ignore the statistics.

2. Your kids can only take their game to the next level if they can see.

Sports glasses aren’t only about impact protection, they’re also about seeing well. Forget the notion that sports glasses are worn over existing glasses — instead, your kids' glasses prescription can be incorporated right into their protective eyewear. That’s why many types of sports eyewear, specifically wraparound styles, offer true performance advantages.

It’s as simple as this: Today’s sports glasses offer an excellent combination of fashion, performance and safety. Do yourself a favor (and your kids, too) and make sports glasses a priority. After all, you only have two eyes, and you definitely want them to last a while. Protect them!

So before you begin any activity (sporting or not) that could ever impact your eyes, stop by a Davis Duehr Dean Optical location. The eyewear pros there can help you check out all the options in sports glasses and help make sure your family's eyes stay safe.

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