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Published on November 10, 2014

Top Five Places Where Your Kids Pick Up Dangerous Germs

With dropping temperatures and snow on the way, now is the time when everyone seems to be getting sick. Learn about the germiest places so you can help prevent dangerous illness in your home.


  1. The Supermarket: One study found the presence of bacteria on nearly 75% of shopping carts, where we place our food and where many of our children sit. Additionally, shelves and refrigerator and freezer handles are touched constantly throughout the day, making them a hot spot for germs. To avoid spreading illness, wash your hands after every visit to the grocery store, or keep antibacterial wipes in your purse or shopping bag. Be sure to wash all produce before consumption.

  2. The Bathroom: Some places like the sink counter, toilet bowl and mirror are obvious germ magnets. But others, like toilet and sink handles, bath mats and the laundry hamper also hide bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that flushing the toilet releases germs into the air, so it’s important to wipe down handles and surfaces with disinfectant frequently. Bath mats can soak up water and dirt, so be sure to wash them weekly. Likewise, sweat particles from dirty clothes can remain in your laundry hamper, so throw the hamper liner in the wash with your load as well.

  3. A Restaurant: Restaurant tabletops as well as items like condiments, salt and pepper shakers, and napkin dispensers are common sources of germs. One study found that menus contain more bacteria than a toilet. Soda fountains are also common sources of germs, so order bottled beverages whenever you can. Carrying moist towelettes in your purse is a great way to clean up without making several trips to the bathroom.

  4. The Commute: Backpacks and lunchboxes can easily collect germs. Kids often place backpacks on the floor, spill on them or take them into the bathroom. Every week, clean out your kids’ backpacks, teaching them to throw away wrappers and put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper. Make sure to put the emptied backpack through the wash too. Other items that should be cleaned regularly include lunchboxes, hats, mittens and scarves.

  5. Your Hands: Our hands come in contact with hundreds of items everyday, many of which we don’t regularly disinfect. It’s important to frequently clean remote controls, computer keyboards, doorknobs and cabinet handles. Despite how often and how much we clean, your kids’ hands are still likely to come in contact with germs. The best thing you can do for your kids is teach them how to wash their hands frequently and properly.


Do you have any tips for keeping your kids germ free? Share them below!

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