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Published on February 25, 2014

Put the Lid on Your Kids’ Soda Habit

Turn your kids on to four sweet and safe drink ideas

Beneath the bubbles and fruity flavors, sodas are filled with frightening amounts of sugar and calories that can lead to a bellyful of health issues. Cavities, weight gain, and heart disease are just a few reasons why kicking the can early makes a big difference down the line. As a parent, you can keep your kids healthy by ditching the soda aisle for these sweet and safer substitutes they’ll love even more.

  • Add drink mixes: Zero-calorie beverage enhancers add a burst of fruity sweetness to any drink of water. Besides being outrageously tasty, they’re great for carrying on the go and will encourage your child to consume more water.
  • Concoct a healthier juice: Bypass the jugs of fruit-like drinks and pick up pure, 100% juice products, which are richer with vitamins. Avoid overloading on the natural sugars in fruit juices by cutting the drink with three parts seltzer water for a lighter and longer-lasting beverage.
  • Opt for sparkling water: Flavored sparkling water delivers that fizzy fun in a can kids crave, minus any unnecessary additives. Add variety by rotating different flavors while keeping one of your kids’ favorite cans on hand.
  • Make your own: From carbonated beverage machines to juicers and seltzer mixes, you can have a blast concocting your own creations alongside your kids. Best of all, by giving them a chance to blend their drink to their own tastes, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more.

What healthy drinks do you stock in your fridge? By changing your kids’ soda habits at home, do you find they consume less sugary drinks when they’re out?

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