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Published on October 16, 2015

Is There Anything "Fun" About Fun-Sized Halloween Treats?

How your favorite "fun-sized" treats stack up

As kids, one of the first cruel slaps of marketing reality was that a “Fun Size” candy bar wasn’t fun at all. Sure, the need for a smaller candy bar could be acknowledged, but calling it “fun” was just insulting.

Standing there in our Halloween costumes, looking down at a big bag of “Fun Size” disappointment, we came up with a universal solution.

“Oh yeah?!?” we thought, “What’s fun about that? I’ll show you fun. Watch this!!” And then we proceeded to eat four or five of them at once. THAT was fun.

As adults, we tend to exercise just a bit more self-control, but now we're watching our kids endure the same dilemma.

As small satisfiers, these bite-size bars can find a place in an otherwise healthy diet. But remember that “Fun Size” — as tiny as it is — isn’t calorie-free. Especially if you (or your kids) nosh on three or four.

Calorie Count

Here’s a list of popular Halloween giveaways, ranked in calorie content from least to most. How does your family's “Fun Size” favorite stack up?

SweeTarts 10
Jelly Belly Jellybeans 35
Milk Duds 40
Peppermint Pattie 47
Mike & Ike 50
Nerds 50
Nestle Crunch 51
3 Musketeers 63
Hershey’s Bar 67
Dots 70
Snickers 72
Kit Kat 73
Milky Way 76
Heath Bar 77
Twix 80
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 80
Skittles 80
Milky Way Dark 81
Baby Ruth 85
M&M’s 90
Almond Joy 91
Peanut M&M’s 93
100 Grand 95
Reese’s Nutrageous 95
Butterfinger 100
Whoppers 100
Take 5 105
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