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Published on July 15, 2013

Friends Forever

Help your kids reconnect with classmates before school starts

A new school year is right around the corner, and there will be plenty to prepare for in the coming weeks. But a big “to do” item probably hasn’t even hit your list: getting the kids back in touch with school pals.

Keeping them connected can make the transition to a new school year much easier for them, and you. “The start of a school year can create a lot of anxiety for kids,” said Dean physician Amanda Preimesberger, MD. “Helping them reconnect with friends before class starts gives them a reason to look forward to school, not dread it.”

This summer, help your kids stay connected with school friends with these tips: 

  • Reach Out to the Parents: Social media and email make it easier than ever to maintain relationships with other parents. Most moms and dads are busy as the school year approaches, so a quick Facebook message or group email can help you quickly and easily plan get togethers.
  • Keep Playdates Low-Key: Playdate. The word alone strikes fear in most parents. But they don’t have to be a hassle if you take advantage of the best of the summer season. Good weather makes it easy to host a backyard get together (check out Dean’s simple picnic menu) or trip to a local park. There are plenty of festivals, farmers’ markets and other established outdoor events that provide the perfect setting for a meet-up. 
  • Make Time for Summer Parties: Summer weekends can be packed with family events, yard work, sports…the list goes on. But try and make time to RSVP to classmate birthday parties, even during this busy season. They’re a great way to keep kids busy and reconnect with classmates and parents.
  • Write It Out: Encourage your child to be pen pals with a classmate and share their summer adventures. It is a great way to help them practice their writing skills while school is out, too. Go the easy route with email, or old school with a letter sent via snail mail.
  • Team Up: Consider enrolling your child and a buddy in a team sport through your local community recreation department. This is a fantastic way to promote sportsmanship, and keep your child active. Invite another parent to walk a few laps around the field with you while the kids play. This is a great way for you to get active and connected, especially when time for exercise is tight amidst a busy work and family schedule.

Tell us: how do you keep your kids and their classmates connected over the summer?

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