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Published on December 17, 2013

Avoid the Season of Sabotage

Resist holiday temptations with these easy swaps.

The holiday season is full of fun, family, joy… and excess. It is easy to put our healthy habits on the shelf during the month of December, but giving in to daily temptations can have a big impact well into the New Year.

Make better choices this month without sacrificing the fun of the holidays with these doable food and drink swaps:

  • Create Healthier Versions of Weeknight Takeout: It is easy to rely on a quick pizza delivery or plate of Chinese after a long day of work, shopping and holiday events. Put down the phone and cook up a healthier version of these easy meals, like Stir Fry Veggie Pita Pizzas or Sweet and Sour Chicken.

  • Resist Office Treats: Cookies, brownies and other sweet treats are around every corner of your office this time of year. Be prepared to pass them up with three easy strategies:
    • Eat a nutrient-rich breakfast before you get to work (fruit or oatmeal are great options) and avoid the lure of sugary pastries in the breakroom.
    • Stash some healthy snacks like almonds, protein bars and yogurt in your bag, then dig in when cravings hit.
    • Don’t skip lunch: While you may want to sacrifice your lunch hour to fit in essential holiday errands, it doesn’t mean you should try and hold out until dinnertime. Make time for the regular meals your body needs to avoid late afternoon hunger pains.

  • Hold the Heavy Holiday Drinks:  Eggnog and rich hot chocolate drinks are fine in moderation, but save some calories and guilt by swapping for lighter options whenever possible. Spiced apple cider has significantly lower fat and calories, but is just as festive and comforting on a chilly winter night.

  • Sub the Sugary Desserts: Skip the leftover pie after dinner and still satisfy your sweet tooth by getting creative with fruit. These 15 simple fruit desserts from theKitchn.com are just as decadent, but better for you than traditional holiday treats.

Do you have a question for our Dean nutritionist? Ask in the comments to receive the answers you need to stay healthy this season!

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