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Published on January 09, 2015

5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

With New Year’s festivities behind us, it’s time for a fresh start with resolutions for 2015. This year, make some changes that can improve the health of your family and home all year long.

  1. Volunteer Together: Not only is volunteering together as a family fun, it can also improve your child’s development in many areas. Giving back increases self-esteem, enhances social skills and promotes responsibility. Look for opportunities at your local United Way, Humane Society or Boys and Girls Club for a chance to spend quality time together as a family, improve the community and benefit your children.

  2. Get Health Insurance: Most part-time and nontraditional jobs don’t offer health benefits to their employees, meaning you and your family may not be covered. If you want to avoid mandated fines, now is the time to get coverage. Health insurance is important for keeping every member of your family their healthiest in 2015. Visit the Dean Spot at West Towne Mall for in-person guidance or visit our website to get information about your options.

  3. Get a Family Gym Membership: A family gym membership will get you a better deal than an individual one. Plus, having a workout buddy or two will motivate you to go more often. If you’re worried about committing to a membership for the entire family, sign up for a 5K run or walk a few months from now and train together with family jogs or walks on warmer days.

  4. Eat More Meals Together: Research has proved that eating meals together as a family can have a significant impact on health and happiness. From minimizing poor behavior in your kids to increasing their self-esteem and grade-point averages, family dinners offer a variety of benefits. Eating healthy, home-cooked meals also means you can ensure your family is getting all the whole grains, fruits and veggies important to their diet.

  5. Get Better Sleep: In this day and age, it’s normal to feel like we just don’t have enough time. But skimping on sleep impairs concentration and reasoning, resulting in depression and weight gain and lower immunity to illness. Resolve to go to bed earlier and stick to a bedtime routine, like reading a chapter before bed every night, and cut out distracting light and noise, such as laptops, phones and tablets.

What are some of your favorite family resolutions? Share them in the comments below!

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