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Published on April 11, 2014

10 Ways to Live a Greener Life

Looking for a few simple steps you can take towards better sustainability? Try a few of these quick tips to save time, money and our planet.

Being “green” doesn’t have to mean powering your house with solar panels or growing all the food you eat (though those help). Often the best way to be sustainable is with a sustainable set of practices you can do every day. These healthy habits not only save our planet, they save you time and money. Get going with these simple, easy-to-implement ideas.

  • Carry reusable shopping bags: Keep them in your trunk so they’re at the ready anytime you shop.
  • Pack your kids’ meals in a lunchbox: Ditch the paper sack for a reusable bag that will keep food fresh and cool.
  • Buy in bulk: You’ll cut down on packaging and, oftentimes, save money.
  • Organize a carpool: Join forces with a neighboring family to shuttle kids off to school or summer activities.
  • Set your sprinklers for 3:00 a.m.: An early-morning rinse will give your lawn time to soak in the water before the sun takes care of the rest.
  • Leave your car keys at home: Bike, walk, take the bus or catch a ride whenever you can.
  • Turn off power strips that aren’t in use: Electronics consume power even when they’re idle, so make sure to switch off power strips connected to multiple appliances.
  • Install light dimmers: You’ll save energy and create a relaxing ambiance with soft lighting.
  • Recycle: Place a recycling basket next to your kitchen trashcan to encourage resource renewal.
  • Go the extra mile: If your budget allows, upgrade to a compost bin or rainwater barrel.

Know that everything you do makes a difference. No step is too small.

How do you cut down on waste? Share with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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